ALKOLUB 8700 Series Water Soluble Lubricant Products

Excellent for Stainless Steel and Non-Ferrous Metal Working
Including Deep Drawing and Bending

Alko America has developed a unique series of deep and cold drawing, cutting and other non-ferrous metalworking lubricants which are all water soluble and free running. The ALKOLUB 8700 series contains no hydro carbon based materials (unless required for a unique application). It meets or exceeds all current standards for VOC, BOD and COD. ALKOLUB lubricants are non-hazardous and non-reportable to any government agency and can be discharged to any public waste treatment system.

ALKOLUB lubricants can be applied with your current system directly to metal parts and where friction exists. They offer the following advantages:

  • Low viscosity
  • Easier handling than commonly used
  • Extended usage over hydro-carbon based materials since they do not break down as quickly
  • Completely water soluble and free running
  • Can be washed off with water without using solvents
  • Slightly acid pH, permitting use on non-ferrous metals
  • Can be discharged with no pre-treatment to waste treatment facility.

ALKOLUB products are manufactured and distributed exclusively by Alko America Industrial Corporation

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