Comments from Companies Who Use ALKOLUB Water Soluble Lubricants for Drawing and Bending

Eaton Letter
"...This product will replace at least 2 different kinds of lube in the bending application only... Alkolub washes out with plain water and soap and can be disposed of right down the drain... This lube will eventually save money by not having to use a vapor degreaser..."   read more

ALCOA Letter
"Please accept... the appreciation of Aluminum Company of America for the creativity and cooperation that your company exhibited... to apply new lubricant technology to our pipe drawing operations. ...we were able to utilize your... lubricants and eliminate the use of chlorinated solvents..."   read more

Boeing Letter
"...Alkolub 8750 and Alkolub 8736 by Alko America that provide good bending characteristics and are easily cleanable by 130 F waters. Boeing is using these materials for last two years and sees no problems."   read more

CommScope Letter
"...I think we have gotten more than what we needed from Alkolub 8711. It has increased the efficiency of two departments and decreased the amount of waste which needs to be treated. Thanks for your help."   read more