CommScope Letter

Just a short note to inform you of the improvement since the implementation of Alkolub 8711 in our drawing process. As you know, our main goals were to increase line speeds in our down-stream operations and to reduce the number of lubricant changeovers.

The results show that we have been able to increase our down-stream lines speeds due ot the decrease in residual lubricant on the cable. In addition, we have seen a four-fold reduction in the number of changeovers due to the efficiency of the Alkolub 8711. Because of the reduction in lubricant changes, our waste disposal costs have also decreased. There have also been additional productivity improvements in the drawing area because of the effectiveness of your product.

Overall, I think we have gotten more than what we needed from Alkolub 8711. It has increased the efficiency of two departments and decreased the amount of waste which needs to be treated. Thanks for your help.


Jim Sorosiak
Process Quality Engineer