Eaton Letter

We tried Alkolub products in Tijuana Mexico facility July 2008 because the product was introduced to be Environmentally friendly.  We have tried it on all metal forming and fabrication processes that we have in the facility with great success.


  1. Incolnel
  2. Titanium
  3. Aluminum
  4. Steel
  5. Carbon

We have also tried it in other operations like shanking on hose fitting.

Veil extrusion operations, cherry pull operation, which is some of the more difficult fabricating processes and have found it to be as good or better than the numerous lubes used at the time.

This product will replace at least 2 different kinds of lubes in the bending application only.  When bending aluminum we use the Alkolub 8750, it is thicker like honey and keeps the inside of the tube free from scratches, and the thinner 8736 which works for all other materials no matter what the process.  We also eliminated buying high-pressure grease for the shanking process.

Alkolub washes out with plain water and soap and can be disposed of right down the drain to save on the treatment of the waste before it can be disposed of and provide a non oil based lube to ensure proper cleaning of product before weld and any other special process that is after any fabricating process.

This lube will eventually save money by not having to use a vapor degreaser with harmful chemicals such as tri-chlor or a corrosive type cleaning solution and having only Alkolub in the building make it easy to control this as a consumable with the need to have less different types of lube in the facility.

Gary D. Brewer
Engineering Tech.
Eaton Aerospace Fluid Conveyance